• NO MAKEUP (Extra) CLASS will be offered if you miss a class (only exception will be final exams for school/college or illness or genuine reason with prior info)
  • If we cancel class for some reason, we will adjust and do extra class for that.
  • IF YOU HAVE MISSED CLASS PLEASE CONSIDER IT IS GONE. We will call students for extra class on NEED and availability basis. No request/demand from students side should be made regarding missed classes.
  • There will be no extra class for certain holidays like Raksha Bandhan, Ganeshji Visarjan, Dassehra, Diwali etc. Please refer to STUDENTS CORNER HOLIDAY CALENDAR
  • When there are 5 weeks in a month (e.g. 5 Mondays), if teacher takes off for 1 class for personal work, there will be no extra class for that. (As 8 classes for a student will be done)
  • No need to call teachers for makeup/extra class. Please sms Truptimam.
  • Classes not made up within particular month, will elapse. NO CARRY OVER from one month to next month will be allowed.
  • This will help to serve regular students and all the students better. Your cooperation is appreciated.
  • Thank You